Ventspils nafta termināls

About Company


Ventspils nafta terminals (VNT) is the largest and the most technologically advanced crude oil and petroleum product transhipment company in the Baltic States operating for more than 55 years in the ice-free port of Ventspils. VNT brand is not just a logo or name. It is a state of mind uniting the company's customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

VNT works not only in accordance with the highest international safety and quality standards when receiving and storing petroleum products from Russia and other CIS countries and loading them onto tankers for international destinations, but also strictly follows the principles of fair business practice and anti-corruption environment. The company organizes open tenders, provides transparent reports, fulfills conditions of the concluded contracts and ensures open and verified information flow to the customers, cooperation partners, employees and community.


““Ventspils nafta” terminals” will sustain its stable position as one of the dynamic and leading crude and petroleum product storage and transshipment terminal within the Baltic region while remaining to be a leader in terms of environmental care, personnel safety, operational excellence, customer service, and technological development, and being recognized as the best employer with strong values among all enterprises operating in the Ventspils Port and beyond.


To provide safe, efficient, flexible, and high quality storage and transhipment services.


  • DYNAMIC STRATEGY: We bring dynamism to our strategic decisions. We are quick thinkers. We move fast.
  • RISK SAVVY: Taking calculated business risks is what being a commercial enterprise is all about. If risks happen, we are ready and waiting with a plan to minimise any impact.
  • CREATIVE OWNERSHIP: We do not carry passengers. We give our people big responsibility and the freedom to be creative.
  • COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP: Everyone is tuned to each other. Each person knows their role, and those around them, and acts in harmony towards a common goal.
  • PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE: It is not pipes or tanks that make us such a force in storage and transhipment. It is our people who create our future. Our people are always working on how we can do things better and safely.


  • To maintain the highest level of operational safety and to aim for no adverse impacts on the environment by continuously modernizing & improving the Company’s infrastructure and processes, and achieving energy efficient solutions;
  • To promote an alert safety culture within the organization that supports achieving the aim of zero (0) accidents and incidents to assure the health and safety of employees and third parties working at the Company;
  • To actively identify existing and potential requirements of customers in order to ensure fast and flexible response to market changes;
  • To assure continuous profitable development by ensuring competitiveness in the market of transshipment and storage of petroleum products;
  • To increase the turnover and efficiency of services by investing in the introduction of new services and improvement of existing ones;
  • To continuously maintain, apply, and improve a professional health, safety, environmental and quality management system and ensure its regular auditing by independent authorities;
  • To facilitate professional development and training of employees, to enhance employees satisfaction, loyalty, engagement and to nurture collective leadership in the Company;
  • To promote internal cooperation within the Company via efficient communication and open organizational culture; 
  • To comply with all requirements provided for by legislation and regulatory enactments;
  • To be socially responsible by contributing to the development of the local community;
  • To engage with the community stakeholders and authorities to improve the business environment and development opportunities;
  • To ensure business transparency by strictly following the principles of fair business practice.