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““Ventspils nafta” terminals” opens doors for students from Ventspils and Liepāja


““Ventspils nafta” terminals” opens doors for students from Ventspils and Liepāja

April 13, 2017 / News

On Tuesday, 11 April, an Open Door Day took place at ““Ventspils nafta” terminals” (VNT). 42 visitors from Ventspils Secondary School No. 3 and Liepāja Technical College participated in the event.

Participants of the Open Door Day had the opportunity to meet the management and employees of VNT, have a tour around the VNT territory, visit the dispatcher building, laboratory and the fire-fighting depot. The visitors highly appreciated the diverse program of the day and noted that the scale of the company, the complex infrastructure and the high sense of responsibility of VNT employees have left a tremendous impact on them. The youngsters also took a great interest in the internship and career opportunities provided by VNT.

VNT Managing Director Lars Pantzlaff encouraged the students to be ambitious, make decisions and gain broad experience: “We participate in such educational events as Open Door Days, Shadow Days, Career Days, as well as read lectures and provide internship to show the diverse scope of work at VNT. We hope that this insight into the company will motivate young people to study and one day some of them will join our professional team.”

The event took place at VNT for the fourth time as part of the Open Door Week organised by the career portal from 10 April until 14 April. In five days young people participated in 600 excursions and familiarised themselves with 90 companies all over Latvia.

More information on internship opportunities is available on the VNT website:

About VNT

VNT provides transit services – receipt, storage and handling of crude oil and petroleum products that come by pipelines, rail tank cars and tankers. VNT is a technologically advanced terminal and the largest crude oil and petroleum products transhipment company in the Baltic States with a total tank capacity of 1.2 million cubic meters.

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