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The safest VNT contractors of 2015 named


The safest VNT contractors of 2015 named

January 11, 2016 / News

One of the most relevant priorities of ““Ventspils nafta” termināls” Ltd (VNT) is labour safety, which the company also always pays special attention to. VNT has enforced a special contractor safety program, developed special Safety Handbook for contractors, as well as regularly monitors its contractors (suppliers). This year VNT has introduced a new tradition – the safest VNT contractors in different categories were awarded on 6th January.

Companies “Ostcelts Būve” Ltd, “Partneris” Ltd and “Katlinieks” Ltd were nominated in the category “Safest Contractor in Project Implementation”. The winning company was “Partneris” Ltd that VNT has been cooperating with for several years, implementing various building projects.

In turn in the nomination “Safest Contractor in Services Maintenance” the award was received by “Multicomp” Ltd, which performs maintenance and repairs of VNT’s technological equipment and process automatics, fire safety and firefighting systems, as well as security systems. Companies “Inspecta Latvija” Ltd and “Impel Serviks” Ltd were also nominated in this category.

Nominees for “Most Successful Start in 2015” were “DL Būve” Ltd, “Ostas Celtnieks” Ltd, “Remerenergo 98” Ltd, out of which “DL Būve” Ltd was named the winner. This company has performed roof repair works for a number of VNT’s buildings, proving their high professional and safety level.

Employees of winners in all categories will receive valuable prizes and additionally one “Life” sticker.

About VNT’s contractor safety program


To encourage compliance with labour safety rules daily, VNT has implemented a special safety program for contractors. Within the framework of this program, everyone who wants to enter the territory of VNT and work there has to watch video instructions and pass a safety test. After successfully passing the test, the contractor receives three stickers or “Lives” to put on their helmet. If a gross violation is committed whilst working, VNT employees have rights to remove one sticker. After losing the third “Life” the contractor’s employee is banished from VNT’s territory until the end of the year.