Ventspils nafta termināls

Ventspils nafta termināls builders assess the progress made in 20 years


Ventspils nafta termināls builders assess the progress made in 20 years

July 24, 2014 / News

On Thursday, 24 July, Ventspils nafta termināls (VNT) was visited by very special visitors - former employees and now retired in their 80’s and 90’s. - who laid the foundation of the terminal during its construction and early days of operation.

This was an opportunity for them to come back to their original place of work after many years to see for themselves how the terminal has changed and developed over the decades. Visiting VNT and memorable places in the terminal turned out to be particularly emotional for the about 30 retirees as it brought back many old memories.

“Although more than 50 years have passed since the terminal was built and the terminal has changed over this time, it remains among the safest and most modern terminals in the Baltic States. It is fair to say that the foundation of our success today was laid then. It is a real pleasure to see the people here that, with their effort and hard work then, planted the roots of VNT today!” said VNT Managing Director Lars Pantzlaff.

Having obtained an impression with what was accomplished since their retirement from the company 20-30 years ago, retirees also respectfully noted that almost all activities have become more advanced and automated. In addition, new infrastructure such as new pump stations, valve manifolds and rail tank car unloading racks was well recognized.

VNT Management is pleased to see the pride that is being taken by all retirees what has been created more than half a century ago – and the fact they are a visible force, evidenced by frequent interaction between them and the company.