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VNT awards the best contractors in 2018


VNT awards the best contractors in 2018

March 8, 2019 / News

On 7 March 2019, SIA ““Ventspils nafta” terminals” (VNT) for the fourth year in a row held The Best Contractors Awarding. VNT awarded the contractors who had demonstrated the highest results in labour protection, organisation culture and service quality over last year.

About 1000 contractors’ representatives perform works at VNT annually. “The Contractors Awarding is a way to thank our cooperation partners for their efficient work and sustainable support,” emphasises VNT General Manager Lars Pantzlaff.

The assessment and awarding of the contractors take part in 5 categories stating for VNT core values. The award “Creative ownership” went to SIA “Multicomp”, who ensure maintenance of VNT operational equipment, automation, security and fire-safety systems. SIA “Hydroblast” won in the nomination “Dynamic strategy”. This company has not only high flexibility to the market changes, but it also keeps up with the innovation development and applies new robotics solutions in their work processes. The transportation company “VS Motors” received the award “Risk Savvy” for safe work performance and VNT representation on Latvia’s roads when driving children from Ventspils schools on excursions. The highest results in the category “Productive people” are achieved by SIA “CVS”, who maintains power supply equipment at VNT. SIA “Partneris” became a winner in the category “Collective leadership” owing to reached high-quality level in the project implementation. This year VNT presented two special awards “On contribution to the safety culture development” to SIA “AGA” for its active engagement and feedback on VNT safety regulation, and to  SIA “Ostcelts Būve” for building a responsible dialogue in order to eliminate  inefficiencies.

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