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VNT keeps its position as the leading contributor to Ventspils in 2017


VNT keeps its position as the leading contributor to Ventspils in 2017

January 26, 2018 / News

2017 has brought changes to the Baltic States with respect to significantly declining cargo volumes. However, even in this demanding environment SIA ““Ventspils nafta” terminals” (VNT) has maintained its leading positions being the largest contributor within the Ventspils port, handling 6.9  million tonnes or 65 % of all transhipped liquid cargo in Ventspils port and 41% of liquid cargo in Latvia. During the past 12 months VNT has been in the process of implementing a number of significant development projects with a total investment amount exceeding 14 million EUR. As one of the major companies and employers in the Kurzeme region, VNT has financially supported a number of organisations and community projects in Ventspils.

“Our 2017 performance with respect to overall transhipment volumes did not meet our initial expectations. The overall transhipped cargo was greatly impacted by the decline of Russian originated cargo flows due to imposed restrictions to rail deliveries from Russia to Latvian ports, affecting all transit terminals in the country. However, we have been working throughout the year on measures that enable us to operate more efficiently and diversify our client services. Despite the market challenges, VNT has been able to contribute to the local community, a core element of running a sustainable and socially responsible company,” states VNT Managing Director Lars Pantzlaff.

In 2017, VNT completed the pipeline modernisation project by using innovative and environment-friendly solutions. The main focus in 2018 remains on the successful installation and start-up of the vapour recovery unit meant to contribute to elevated environmental standards in Ventspils. After obtaining all required permits in 2017, field assembly works have been started in order to commission the unit by May 2018. The combined investments of all technical projects amount to more than 14 million EUR. They will form a new foundation for VNT to build its business in the current market environment and to sustain its position as a dynamic and leading storage and transhipment terminal within the Baltic region.

Last year VNT successfully cooperated with Ventspils University College, Riga Technical University, Turība University and University of Latvia by providing lectures, organising excursions, supporting events, and participating in Career Days. VNT has welcomed 18 interns from Latvia and abroad. Many organisations have received financial support, including hockey club “Venta 2002”, volleyball club “Ventspils”, football club youth academy “Ventspils Olimpiskā cerība”, and other Ventspils athletes. The company organised civil defence and fire safety drills for students of local schools, as well as Open Door Days and Safety Days. VNT has been providing support to the orphanage “Selga” since its foundation, by supporting the participation of children in sports camps, theatre trips, and international travel. Furthermore, VNT employees are actively involved and regularly donate necessary items to the orphanage. VNT is paying special attention to its retirees – over the years the company has been supporting several culture events, supplied gifts for festivities, as well as provided transport for excursions. Ventspils schools and other organisations were provided with a free of charge bus for excursions, and support was provided to the Ventspils City Festival.

The performance of the company has been also recognised by governmental and non-governmental organisations in Latvia and abroad. In 2017, for the third consecutive year, VNT received the Platinum award in the nationwide Sustainability Index and the award “Best Employer in Kurzeme Region” presented by the online recruitment company “CV-Online Latvia”. The Employers' Confederation of Latvia named VNT “Age Friendly Company” and “TOP 10 Internship Provider”. The Ministry of Welfare granted the status “Family friendly company”, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development awarded VNT as “Environmental-Friendly Mobility Promoting Organisation”. Furthermore, VNT received first place in the global Tank Storage Awards in the category “Safety Excellence in Bulk Liquid Storage” and took 2nd place at the Baltic Communication Awards 2017 in the category “Internal Communication”.

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