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VNT organised civil defence and fire safety drills for school students


VNT organised civil defence and fire safety drills for school students

May 17, 2017 / News

On Wednesday, 17 May, marking the Fire-Fighters and Rescuers Day, SIA ““Ventspils nafta” terminals” (VNT) completed a major project on organising civil defence and fire safety drills for students of  Ventspils Secondary School No. 3.

Last year the administration of Ventspils Secondary School No. 3 expressed an idea to train their pupils in civil defence and fire safety by involving VNT specialists. The principal of the school Vera Šengelija explains: “Civil defence plays an important part in everyone’s life, especially in towns and districts where big companies and plants are located. We decided to use the skills of real professionals during the training process, that is why we approached VNT and received their consent.”

The main aim of the project was to teach the children proper actions in case of a fire or other emergency. The drills were held over several days, and as a result more than 350 pupils gained theoretical knowledge in how to act in case of a chemical spill or fire, and had to complete practical tasks – to evacuate from a smoke-filled room and use fire extinguishers. The children shared their impressions: “We knew that there is no danger, but the feeling was not pleasant still. It made us think how we need to be cautious every day to prevent a real fire from happening.”

The coach, VNT fire safety advisor Dagnis Garais believes that VNT makes a positive contribution to educating the community and developing its safety culture by participating in such projects. “There is a number of dangerous sites located in Ventspils, therefore it is important to inform the community about the action plan in case of an emergency. It is much easier to build the safety culture among children rather than adults, because their perception on good and bad has not been distorted yet. Working with kids helps us to prevent possible future accidents. Besides, I enjoy being involved in such projects and feel like being back at childhood,” says Dagnis Garais.

For educational purposes VNT regularly organises Open Door Days, participates in the Shadow Days, Career Days and offers internship opportunities to students from Latvia and other countries. VNT also holds Family Safety Days for the families of its employees and organises excursions on an annual basis.

About VNT

VNT provides transit services – receipt, storage and handling of crude oil and petroleum products that come by pipelines, rail tank cars and tankers. VNT is a technologically advanced terminal and the largest crude oil and petroleum products transhipment company in the Baltic States with a total tank capacity of 1.2 million cubic meters.

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