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VNT receives Silver in the Sustainability Index


VNT receives Silver in the Sustainability Index

May 24, 2013 / News

Being aware of its impact on the environment, ""Ventspils nafta" termināls" (VNT) each year invests at least half a million lats into the measures for the environmental protection. The carefully developed environmental management system that helps the company to monitor and analyse potential risks has been also positively evaluated by the sustainability index experts. On Friday, 24 May, VNT was ranked in the Silver category in the Sustainability Index, receiving the highest evaluation exactly for its responsible attitude to the environmental aspects.

"We are aware that we operate with petroleum products, which are dangerous to the environment; therefore, environmental aspects are critical to us when thinking about the companies continuity and its responsible management," emphasizes VNT Managing Director Lars Pantzlaff.

The VNT environmental policy defines three major strategic directions – careful analysis of all potential risks to avoid crisis situations; purposeful reduction of the company's resource consumption, as well as investment in the environmental recovery, removing the consequences of pollution created in Soviet times.

VNT Managing Director Lars Patnzlaff points out that VNT is one of the “greenest” terminals in the world. "While other terminals are associated with steel and concrete, VNT is characterized by its green environment. The total area of the terminal is 100 hectares, a half of which is a green area. In summer 33 employees are managing the greenery, including gardeners, while in winter – 24," explains L. Pantzlaff. 

The responsible attitude of VNT to the environmental resources has been reflected in reduced power consumption per one transhipped tonne in recent years. By introducing the document electronic management system, paper consumption was reduced by 22%. Furthermore, the company carries out waste sorting for 12 different types of waste. 

VNT has invested in the environmental recovery approximately half a million lats for more than ten years in order to eliminate the consequences of pollution created in Soviet times. During this period the largest historical pollution in the company’s territory was removed – around 3000 m3 of petroleum products, which was accumulating in the form of nonaqueous phase liquids occurring above ground waters, under the railway racks.


About VNT

VNT provides transit services – the receipt of crude oil and petroleum products via pipelines, rail tank cars and tankers, as well as their storage and transhipment. VNT is technologically the most advanced and largest crude oil and petroleum product transhipment company in the Baltics with the total tank storage capacity of 1.2 million cubic meters.

51% of VNT is owned by JSC Ventspils nafta (NASDAQ OMX RIGA: VNF1R), which is one of the largest groups of companies in Latvia and operates in the sector of transit business. JSC Ventspils Nafta is the Group's parent company, which manages investments into the companies within the Group, thus facilitating the growth in the overall value of the Group and its individual companies.