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VNT wishes to build the VRU at 75 Talsu street according to plan


VNT wishes to build the VRU at 75 Talsu street according to plan

November 15, 2016 / News

SIA ““Ventspils nafta” termināls” (VNT) takes note of the decision of the board of Ventspils Freeport dated 04 November 2016 to approve the initial plan of VNT to build a Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) along the shoreline in AS “Ventbunkers” (VBU) territory. However, the resolution of the board of Ventspils Freeport in favour of the project in this location is related to an obsolete plan as already on 10 October 2016 VNT has informed Ventspils Freeport Authority about its decision to build the VRU within its own leased territory at Talsu Street 75 and has already started cooperation with the related parties as to approvals. 

The commitment of VNT to build and operate a VRU has been and remains a top priority of the company with respect to environmental protection benefitting the residents of Ventspils.

More than nine month after the submission of the joint application by VBU and VNT regarding the lease of the land plot of 600 m2 for building of the VRU in the territory of VBU, only on 04 November 2016 the board of Ventspils Freeport has made the decision to grant the mentioned land plot to VNT for building the VRU. Considering the significant delays and limited progress made by Ventspils Freeport Authority over the course of this year related to this matter, VNT informed Ventspils City Council already on 04 October 2016 and Ventspils Freeport Authority on 10 October 2016 regarding the change in the VRU location in order to progress the project.

In the absence of any decision by Ventspils Freeport Authority in October 2016 and after waiting for nine months despite repeatedly stressing the urgency, the company decided to build the VRU within its own leased territory at Talsu Street 75. While this alternative location is less favourable than the original plan to build the VRU near the jetties, due to operational and technical adjustments to the project, including higher costs, it will utilise the same technology and result in the same system performance related to the operation of the VRU. The mutual agreement to cooperate reached between VNT and VBU at the end of 2015 was and remains a pre-condition for the project implementation regardless of  the location of the VRU, as the project will require the same amount of cooperation between two companies. 

In October 2016 VNT has already started to notify related parties and submitted official requests for issuing technical regulations to comply with, including Ventspils Freeport Authority. 

VNT acknowledges and welcomes the decision taken by the board of Ventspils Freeport, even though it was made only after an agonizing time of waiting which is not only evidence of inefficient internal processes in the context of promoting business development but also against the interests of the port and the state. VNT hopes that after issuing such decision, the board of Ventspils Freeport will also issue a favourable decision with respect to the new location in a speedy fashion for VNT to progress with the project, which not only contributes to environmental standards in the city of Ventspils but also positively affects the attractiveness of the Ventspils port, thus directly benefits the country.